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New Collection - Off The Peg Dresses - All Under £650.00

Wednesday 8th November 2017

We Listened!!

Lots of ladies have given us feedback - and Thank You - Some ladies want a brand-new dress made to order and are comfortable spending £ 1000 - £2000, but some ladies either do not have a large budget or simply do not want to spend too much on their dress.

It appears the warehouse type service does not appeal to everyone. You like us - 'thank you' we are honoured, and you still want the 'bridal shop' experience and of course you still want to look and feel fabulous.

So.... we have decided that going forward alongside our collection of fabulous designer gowns we are going to offer a collection of dresses (around 20) to purchase off the peg, some will be new some will be ex sample dresses - The fabulous bit, that they will be no more than .......

£ 650.00 per dress.